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Since many years we have been in strong curiosity about the neighboring red planet Mars. It is to be noted in this regard that it is the fourth planet in the solar system according to the distance from the Sun and it is the second smallest planet after Mercury. Since many years the scientists of the world have been in keen search whether there is any evidence of life in the red planet. Recently a new report has been published where it has been told that the deep canyons of the planet have been caused by the liquid water that cut out the formations during the early ages of the Mars. It is surely a great finding regarding the presence of water in the red planet.

The debate session:

However it is not so smooth to put that report in a firm position because of ongoing strong debates regarding the formation of the canyons. One group has told that the canyons were formed by the running water. They have told that the canyons of the earth were formed millions years ago where the formations in the red planet were formed 3.8 billion years ago when it is believed the planet became frozen. Let’s see what is being told by the recent scientists. The group of scientists including Ravi Kumar Kopparapu from University of Maryland in the United States has told although the red planet is now frozen, it experienced long warm period when there could be running water on the planet. They have explained the reason of warm weather of the planet as the presence of dense atmosphere caused by carbon di oxide and hydrogen. They have also told that the period remained for at least 10 million years. The team also found that the warm period would have lasted for enough time to produce water in the planet and that running water created the canyon like structures. The scientists have called it the cycling hypothesis that made the planet to be warm for long time to produce water flow in the planet.

The previous research:

On the other hand the previous researches told that the structures were made by the impact of the planet with asteroids and the impacts created steam in the atmosphere causing rain. However the previous researchers said that the duration of such rain was not too long to produce enough water in the planet that could be considered to make such canyon like structures. It has been also told that the planet had to be warm for millions of years if we would take the impact hypothesis to consider. The Professor of Penn State, Jim Kasting has said that the valleys found on the Martian surface are similar to that of the width of the Colorado River Canyon which took about 16 million years to form. The whole report has been already published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters. It is surely a new finding about the structure of the red planet and the existence of life forming substance, water in Mars.


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