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This site –LearnFromBuddy.com is appropriate to all, especially to the students who are interested to know and gather the information on the current news. Let’s check out the Terms and Conditions to avail the service of learnfrombuddy.com. Let’s be neutral to all type of service users starting from the students to contributors. To use the service of the site, the users should have to follow some rules and regulations. Let’s check out it.

  • There are some Terms and Conditions which have to be agreed by the users before completing the registration process. Once you would agree the terms and conditions on behalf of the institution that you are representing or individual then you would be liable to keep the promise to maintain the terms and conditions to maintain the integrity of the site.
  • The second point is the age restriction. The users should be at least 13 years of age to register as the user of the site. On the other hand the contributors should be at least 18 years of age to be able to sign for the agreement of terms and conditions. However if the user is under 13 years of age, then his or her parents have to sign for the user.
  • You should not use the site for any illegal purpose or any such manner so that the integrity of both the site and the jurisdiction where you are living would be getting in trouble.
  • Agreeing the terms and conditions you acknowledge and agree that using the site, or by posting any article using the online service, you are designating that you have read all contents and you are assuring that there is nothing to make the site fouled up.

Description of service:

However it is named as learnfrombuddy.com it does not mean that all the contents are for the school students or the students can use the contents for their examination. This site has been formed keeping the thought in mind that the contents posted in the site are current and these are just to enrich the knowledge spectrum in aspect to the whole world. It is not any tutorial site.

Registration and account formation:

The interested and eligible individual has to go through the common procedure of registering to any website. He or she has to put original name, age, and so on. This site would ask for a mail id where the confirmation link would be sent. The registration process takes just a few minutes. The user can upload his or her photograph as the profile picture, but it should be noted in this regard that none of the users has the right to upload any illicit material on the site. If it would happen, this could be treated as punishable offence and the registration or the account could be made permanently dormant indianpharmall.com.

Upload policy:

You, the users of the site are requested to upload such contents that have been properly read and understood by you and the contents should be neutral to all and there should not be any illicit topic or any such topic which could spark social problem.

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