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LearnFromBuddy.com is concerned about the privacy of the users. There is special team of technical safeguards depending on which we could assure the privacy of the users of the site. The security is so good that you would never be in the problem of losing the personal data or mishandling your contents uploaded in the website. The aim of the site is to provide fully functional online service to get important information and valuable knowledge on current affairs happening across the world.

The security of the personal information:

  • At the moment of providing the personal data, the user is ageing to make the personal information published by the website.
  • Company would express, but not exclusively, the personal information impotenzastop.it.
  • The internal server may examine the personal data before publishing.
  • It is always assure by us not to breach the personal information of the deemed users of the website.
  • For review or change the personal data, the user can go to settings menu and do that accordingly, but it cannot be done by the company or by others without the consent of the user.
  • Other security information could be found in the terms and conditions section.

The data collection process and about the Cookies:

  • Some extra information could be gathered by the site to improve the user interface. In some instances, learnfrombuddy.com may collect non-personal data through cookies, web logs, web beacons and other similar applications.
  • The collected data is applied to recognize you when the site would be reopened.
  • The data would also be reexamined by the public system tools like Google Analytics, Gemius SA, Crazy Egg, and so on.
  • The user can disable the cookies by turning off the option from the web browser which is using to access the site by the user.
  • The user is assured not to receive any spam message from the site.

Maintaining the local laws and constitution:

It is to be noted in this regard that learnfrombuddy.com maintain and would maintain the local laws and constitution so that the social integrity would never be hampered and any bad impacts could never be seen in the society.

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