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Again it is Kolkata, the city of joy, the city of love. And last but not the least is the city of ‘Bandh’ or ‘Hartal’. Today I am not here to criticize the culture, work ambience of the beloved city. I am here to tell about something with pride about the city. It is regarding a prestigious award that has been won by the city of joy. We all know that all parts of the world are fighting against the environmental change and trying to cope up with the newly evolved climate. Actually we all are trying to make the planet able to get better environmental adaptation so that we could have better life. Why have I coined the word ‘environmental adaptation’? It is very simple my friends. We have to have adaptation suitable to live in the ever changing planet. We have to fight against the gravest problem of global warming and its ancillary effects on the human kinds and other living members of the planet. However it is to be noted in this regard that not all parts of the planet could yet reach the target of environmental policies. Leave all parts of the planet and concentrate on Kolkata. The political heroes of the developed countries always express pity on the work culture of Kolkata, but this city has shown its ability to tackle the climate change best among all other cities of the world. This is the story. I am sorry to make such large prelude, but it was necessary. Let’s come to the point. Kolkata is going to receive the ‘best cities award for tackling the climate change’.

The prestigious honour:

However it is important to point out the fact that not only Kolkata, there are other 10 cities across the world that are going to be honoured with the prestigious award. However Kolkata al last managed to bag an award like this. According to the report the cities are going to be awarded by the honour for showing innovative and of course the productive solid waste management process. In the occasion of International Summit of Mayors from millions of cities across the world it has been mentioned that the city of joy, Kolkata has proved to become better in solid waste management regarding the waste segregation process. It has been told that the city’s Solid Waste Management Improvement Project has reached close to its aim of segregation of waste at different stages starting from the waste sources to transfer stations. It has been told in the summit that this city is looking forward to implement productive measurements to fully eradicate the dumping and burning of waste in the open space so that the air pollution could be controlled to large extent. Now it is the winning stroke: Kolkata is the only Indian city to receive the prestigious award in the International C40 Mayors Summit held Mexico City.

The motto of the common for the common:


It has been mentioned in a press meet that the municipal corporations of the city and its adjacent townships have been working based on the motto of participation of the common people for the common people. It was not yet easy task. The project needed some incubation time to inspire the common people to join in the work. The source said that the common people were not told to clean the city’s junk by hand. Actually the motto was to inspire the common people to stop making the city fouled up by throwing garbage on the roads, makinh heaps of garbage by the road side, and so on. And at last the initiative has clicked. The Kolkata Waste Management project has become to make huge number of common people educated in eco-friendly living. And the result is in front of all. The city has become crowned with the award. We hope Kolkata would again raise its name in all aspects in the world, except militancy, spoiling the work culture, clutches of political manifesto, and so on.


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