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  1. Is the LearnfromBuddy.com is free or paid?

LearnFromBuddy.com is free. You need not pay for registration or creating your profile.

However, the instructor’s course can be free or premium depending on the Instructor.


  1. Which Mode has I to select during registration?

If you are a student from a High School or College, then you have to select “Student” mode.

If you are a Professor, Teacher or Coach, you have to select “Instructor” mode.


  1. Is that mandatory to upload Profile Picture?

Yes, it shall be binding to upload a profile picture to access Learn From Buddy.com. You can capture profile picture from webcam or upload an image from your computer.


  1. How to join in a Course as a Student?

Upon you will receiving the invitation from the Instructor, you may opt for joining the course right for you.


  1. Is there any joining fee on course?

The fee structure can be free or paid depending on the instructor. The instructor will charge if the course is premium one.


  1. The job posting is free?

There are two packages of job posting available – regular and premium. On the monthly package you are eligible for two job postings only.  However, for the premium package, you can have unlimited job postings.


  1. What is the cost of Premium Job Posting?

We charge a nominal amount of 50 USD per month for the Premium job posting package.


  1. What are the advantages of joining Learn from Buddy.com apoteketgenerisk.com?

There are many advantages you derive out of your joining the learn from buddy.com.

  • You increase your academic knowledge and qualifications.
  • You can opt for the best course of your interest and inclination.
  • You get a wide choice of job opportunities.
  • You can consult your teachers, professors, instructors and recruiters any time on the prospect of the job offers.


  1. What is the time frame for the student from joining and the placement?

It is solely depending on the student, his effort interest, and dedication.


  1. Is there any refund on the premium package fees paid?

Sorry, there is no refund possible of the fees paid.

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